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General News of Tuesday, 9 August 2022


THROWBACK: How American minister defended Nigeria when called the most corrupt country in the world

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A video has popped up of American Cleric, Louis Farrakhan condemning Journalist Mike Wallace for calling Nigeria, the most corrupt country in the world during an interview in 1996.

In the 60 minutes interview, Louis Farrakhan rebuked Mr Wallace over his hypocrisy alongside many other Americans who regard African countries, especially Nigeria as a corrupt nation.

According to Farrakhan, a country who did not allow its citizens civil rights for hundreds of years, decimated entire populations of people, and has endless corruption has no moral ground to stand upon to hand down such a moral judgement.

Although Nigeria is faced with corruption, terrorism and many other problems ravaging the country, Mr Farrakhan made it known that it was wrong for America to label the nation as the most corrupt nation in the world.

Mr Wallace who passed away in 2012, is a famous media personality, actor, among others. He is known for his incredible works and interview with prominent newsmakers.

Here is how the interview went down;

Wallace: Farrakhan, you go to Nigeria. Which is, if not the most corrupt nation in Africa that it is. It could be the most corrupt nation in the world. Minister Farrakhan...

Farrakhan: Oh now Mr Wallace...

Wallace: It is the most corrupt nation that I have ever covered. I've been there 25years ago and I've been there as recently as last year.

Farrakhan: Fine. So what?! 35years old. That's what that nation is. Now here's America, 226years old. You love democracy? But there in Africa, you tryna force these people into a system of government that you just have accepted 30years ago. Black folk gat the right to vote. You not in any moral position to tell anybody how corrupt they are. You should be quiet. And let those of us who know our people go there and help them get out of that condition. But America should keep her mouth shut wherever there's a corrupt regime. As much hell as America has raised on the earth. No! I will not allow America or you Mr Wallace to condemn them as the most corrupt nation on earth. When you have spilled the blood of human beings. Have Nigeria dropped an atomic bomb and killed people in, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Have they killed off millions of native Americans? How dare you put yourself in that position as a moral judge. I think you should keep quiet. because with that much blood on America's hand, you have no right to speak. I will speak, because I don't have that blood on my hand. Yes there's corruption there. Yes there's mismanagement of resources. Yes there is abuse. There is abuse in every nation on earth, including this one. So let's not play holy, to moralise on them. let's help them...

Wallace: I'm not moralising. I'm asking a question and I got an answer...

Farrakhan: why would you put it as the most corrupt regime in the world? That doesn't make sense.

Wallace: can you think of one more corrupt?

Farrakhan: yeah. I'm living in one. I'm living in one. Yeesss!. You've done a hell of a thing on this earth so you should not be the one to talk. You should be quiet when it comes to morale condemnation.

Since the video popped up recently, Nigerians have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

miniclip12345: He has truth United States is more blood on their hands there any country in the world

justicejonnes736: I've NEVER seen a bold, truthful, realistic, analystic, confident and intelligent man who looks u up in d face nd then speaks to u.

Chommy: OMG! I never knew someone could fight for Nigeria like this. God bless that man.

Maria: All I can say is Thank you

Ester Harris: I agree, we have corrupt systems…but The west installed the corruption that they can capitalize from us….we walk on gold but die off hunger,

Paaps: We Are Ready To Help our Own People, we are on it , we are there, we will make the system change for better

Iron_skyl: True talk respect I'm proud of my country Nigeria???????????????????????? I'm proud of continent Africa

@mcolubaby: I will continue saying it I love my country and am glad am a Nigerian may God bless Nigeria

Watch the video below;


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