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Religion of Thursday, 19 January 2023


'Shame to you' - Pastor blasts members for giving N100 offering

Pastor lash out at church members for poor offering play videoPastor lash out at church members for poor offering

A pastor has been captured in a video lambasting his church members for giving N100 as offering.

In the video, the upset cleric was heard speaking English and Igbo language while expressing his disappointment at the members.

According to the pastor, the church constantly buys fuel to power the generator hence his outburst at the member's choice of amount.

His outburst has caused a stir as some Nigerians took to social media to call out the pastor for his utterances of which many accuse him of not been called by God.

Here are reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Odukale Nifemi Kabirat: "To be sincere, Members that gives 100 Naira tried, with the situation of things in our country to even spend kobo isn't easy. I expected the so called pastor to pray to God to uplift their purses so they can give more than that next time."

Ejike Sammie NorMan Onah: Yes! Buhari has really taught all of us a very big lesson. There's no more windfall of anything except tightening hardship. Even the Oguns, Amadioha and co are equally hungrier than their respective priests nowadays.

Daniel Dan: "Even God never had this entitlement mentality. I know some of you only received the call without checking who the caller was. Wehdone"

Eric Mudima Gowal: "What if the person offered their last 100 naira? Did he even think about that?"

Adesegun Ogundeji: "It is not his fault. It is the fault of those feeding him. Let him go and work and stop robbing people."

Austine Kamshak: "So unfortunate how the church is deteriorating. These kind of 'men of God' can't lead a small group of palm wine tappers talk more of a whole body of believers."

Oscar Mvp Oforkansi: "Oga if business isn't going well, just change the business. You can't be fighting your customers for coming to buy with the amount they have. If this one no dey move market again, enter another line."

Toochukwu Ngadi: "Truth be told. The proliferation of churches in our society today is as a result of poverty in the country. Every street is littered with churches here and there." The poor congregations are not spared as they are tied to contributing from the little they have and that includes tithes, churchi building donations, diesel and fuelling and the list goes on and on.

Baba Aladura Teledalase Iseoluwa: "Some people are not called by God but decided to call themselves. With the current situations in ds country, some can not even afford two square meals in a day not to talk of offering in the church."

Watch the pastor lashing out at the church members.