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General News of Friday, 20 October 2023


Reactions as cleric calls for Wike's removal as FCT Minister, says Abuja belongs to Muslims, Northerners

Nyesom Wike, Minister of FCT and President Bola Tinubu play videoNyesom Wike, Minister of FCT and President Bola Tinubu

A video of a cleric claiming Abuja belongs to Northerners and Muslims has sparked reactions on social media.

In the video, the cleric was heard telling a group of people that Nyesom Wike who was appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory FCT by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu should be removed Abuja belongs to the Muslims.

He sent a message to President Tinubu that without them there would be no him as President of Nigeria.

The cleric who was heard in the video demanding for Wike to be removed as FCT Minister said; "This Wike they put in charge of the FCT is a problem, he is a wicked man. He has no business being the minister of the FCT, Abuja belongs to the northerners, it belongs to believers not unbelievers. Southerners/unbelievers should go and be in charge of the Delta ministry they opened for the and leave Abuja for us. I'm paraphrasing. We won't sit and allow what belongs to us to be taken away."

As per the Nigerian history, Abuja, being the capital of Nigeria was formed from parts of the states of old Kaduna, Kwara, Niger, and Plateau states, with the bulk of land mass carved out of Niger state. The Federal Capital Territory is within the North Central region of the country.

The area chosen as the new capital was principally Gwari Land (the home of the tribes referred to as the Gbagyis, their language is referred to as Gwari) with high concentrations of Muslims and Christians and high degree of neutrality from the dominant ethnic groups.

The video of the cleric surfaces shortly after Sheik Ahmad Gumi described Wike as a satanic person.

In his submission, he said Christians cannot be trusted with the security of Nigeria as he called on President Tinubu to remove Wike as FCT Minister.

“The Minister of the FCT is a Satanic person; I said it before when he was appointed and some people were grumbling. He has gone and brought the Israeli Ambassador, that’s what someone sent and I am yet to watch it. But what is confirmed is he said they will collaborate with the Israelis on Abuja's security issues. Abuja will now become an extension of Tel Aviv and when they see anyone with a beard like us, they will say it is Bin Laden and we will be killed.

"For you to understand, they will bring the MOSSAD into our country. Because of this, Tinubu should know that we know their plan, he must choose. He should remove the Minister of Abuja; if not, we will collide with him. On the day of a bath, the navel is not hidden.

“I am telling you people to be wise and don’t be fools because of God. These our Muslims politicians just want dollars to go on holidays, go for medical treatments and have forgotten the people. They are targeting us and that was what I was telling that pastor/bishop that if we Muslims are in power with Muslims as heads of security agencies, we will not kill you but if we give you Christians power with your infidels as heads of security agencies, they will plan to kill me and I have examples."

The video attracted some comments from Nigerians with some disagreeing with the man's take about Abuja.

Below are some reactions;

official__tsa: Wike is the right man for the job that is what it look like

minnah_mohh: Abuja belongs to Nigerians and wike is a Nigeria

christophe_mbanefo: Is everything people must talk about, is Abuja not the capital and who says it is only Hausa's that would head the FCT or is it the northern Capital???

Watch the videos below;