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Regional News of Thursday, 18 November 2021


Protest ongoing in LAUTECH as lecturer allegedly harasses student over hijab

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso

News haas it that students of Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho are currently protesting against the act of a lecturer against muslim students on campus.

According to the report, the man who is the Dean of Faculty of Nursing in LAUTECH, Professor Ajobade allegedly uncovered the face of a female muslim nursing student while addressing the new intakes.

One of the eyewitnesses who anonymously explained that the issue has degenerated to the point that students are protesting to demand for the sack of the said lecturer.

A Facebook user with the name of OLATOKE ABDULAZEEZ KOLAWOLE, explained how the issue started on his personal Facebook wall.

“The board of LODLC came to address their newly admitted Nursing students. The Deen of the Faculty addressed us mainly on discipline both within the school and in the profession generally focusing mainly on dressing and he directed his speech on sense of Muslims dresses in the following regards.

“The scrub is the only approved uniform for student nurses and any other forms of dresses must not be wore atop or underneath the scrub that if he sees anyone who did this,such person will be penalized.

“Those males white are keeping their beards should have it cut neatly and in minimal length.
3. The Niqobites must not put on their niqobs during lectures and exams.

“While delivering his speech, he pointed out two sisters that were wearing knee length hijabs making them as examples but he wasn’t satisfied with them he was looking for a full kimarite.

“Later on, he was able to locate a sister who was sitting at an extreme end of the hall who obviously Lillahi was reading and not really concentrating on his speech. He bullied her and said she kept quiet all these while he has been looking for a niqobite, he requested for her matric number and name and gave her the following options;either you go and come back the next semester, next session or never come back again.

“The sister begged him and elders in the class moved out as well went on their knees they also ‘forced’ the sister in question to kneel down, the next thing we saw was that this sister stood up without a Niqob. He did same for one other woman.

“The Man said bravely that we should quote him anywhere to the council level nobody can question him, I am also a core Muslim, says him.”

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