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Crime & Punishment of Thursday, 14 October 2021


Pastor defiles little girl, uses her blood to boost his church growth

Alleged pastor assault young girl Alleged pastor assault young girl

A man who claims to be a pastor has been arrested after he defiled a little girl and attempted to use her blood for spiritual growth for his church.

In a video making rounds, the man arrested gave his name as Arinze and narrated how he inserted his fingers into the little girl and defiled her as per the instructions he was given by a fetish priest.

According to him, the blood of the little girl did not work and was asked to conduct another assault when he got caught.

He said, ''I am tied because I want to have my own ministry. One Mr Matthew asked me to go and bring the blood of a child from any part of her body.''
The landlord who filmed the man who was apprehended explained how the incidents unfolded.

''This man his name is Arinze. This Arinze came to my tenants place about three weeks ago. The first time he came, he said he was looking for a house so my tenant was trying to help him. They couldn't get a house or shop because they said it was too expensive for them

He went to my tenant's place. My tenant gave him food, he ate the food. Maybe he used spiritual means or something, my tenant fell asleep. She slept off. By the time she woke up, she saw one of her girls, blood was dripping from her vagina. By the time she looked around, this man had fled.

Today, this man came. She now asked someone to hold the guy. He started making confessions that not that he slept with the girl, he only used his finger on the girl. Whether it is true or not we don't know. The only thing we know is that the girl was defiled and he said he collected blood from the girl's vagina. He took it to where they wanted to use it some that his church will boom.” The landlord said.

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