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Regional News of Friday, 10 March 2023


'Oya LP let’s gather here' - Obidients rally behind Gbadebo Rhodes as he defends his heritage again

Governorship candidate of the Labour Party, LP, in Lagos State, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour play videoGovernorship candidate of the Labour Party, LP, in Lagos State, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour

Social media users applauded the Governorship candidate of the Labour Party, LP, in Lagos State, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour after he educated his political rivals who doubted his heritage in Lagos.

He said in an interview that those doubting his Yoruba heritage should study the history of Lagos as he took jabs as current governor Babajide-Sanwo-Olu and president-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

"You have people from Ijebu who is the current governor. You have Tinubu from Irabiji - Osun state and you have most of all these people talking and they are not even indigenes of Lagos State. My pedigree goes 200+ years and its without controversy and I can bring receipt for four generations," he said.

Recall that the heritage of the guber candidate has been questioned by many after campaign posters where he used his Igbo name Chinedu to contest the senatorial seat in Lagos.

In another statement addressed to the press, Rhodes-Vivour said the ‘’Yoruba-Igbo tribal card’’ being employed by political opponents is a ploy to disunite and distract people from ending what he described as 24 years of arrested economic and political development.”

The LP governorship hopeful, who said this in a statement made available to Sunday Vanguard, described himself as the original Omo onile olona of Lagos.

His words: “I am a Lagos boy, an Omo Eko proper, no doubt. To those doubting my Yoruba pedigree, I advise you to read Lagos history if as a Lagosian you don’t know the Rhodes Vivour family pedigree and our stellar contributions to the development of Lagos – foremost legal luminaries and judges from the 1800s such as Steven Bankole Rhodes, to my uncle, the Supreme Court Judge, Bode Rhodes Vivour, and my father, Barrister Olawale Rhodes Vivour, a lawyer. The land upon which City Hall is built belongs to my family. My great parents’ estate owned the largest plantation in Lagos.

“I am an original Omo onile olona of Lagos, and with so many high flyers in this Yoruba family that I have to emulate and surpass. I hardly have time for the 1939 April Fool’s day joke that ignited the Yoruba versus Igbo rivalry and its current divisive effects.

“My focus is on how to uplift Lagos, my beloved state of birth and lineage by resolving the perennial Lagos traffic problem through building four new rail lines in four years, whose multiplier effects would create jobs throughout our economy, resolving the massive unemployment and underemployment that is the ‘Agbero’ culture, provide housing and social services, all of which you can read about in my manifesto.

“Therefore, the Yoruba-Igbo tribal card is a ploy by our political opponents to disunite and distract our people from ending 24 years of arrested economic and political development of Lagos by the cabal.

“Yes, my father is Yoruba and my mother is Igbo. In Yorubaland, a child is that of the father. Omo ÍkÍ ni mi.

“I am the true son of my father. Right from childhood, I noticed that there wasn’t much difference between Yoruba and Igbo as we share hundreds of the same words – Okuta/Okwute (stone), Imu/Imi (nose), Akuko/Okuko (chicken), Omo/Umu (child), Ifa/Afa and over a hundred other words even after thousands of years of dispersal.

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