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Editorial News of Wednesday, 23 June 2021


Olumirin waterfalls in osun state

Olumirin waterfalls Olumirin waterfalls

This tourist attraction features rocky cliffs, huge trees, and gushing waterfalls. It's also a great place to go mountaineering.

Driving into the Erin-Ijesha community and descending down to the ground level to the pool (approximately 12 minutes) is both relaxing and invigorating. You're likely to be greeted by local drummers who will sing and dance for you.

“I love Olumirin because it appeals to everyone, whether you want to trek for 20 minutes to the waterfalls or for 5 hours, meandering through the communities buried in the hills and meeting the incredible residents who produce calabash and cola. “

“My first travel destination was Olumirin. I took the journey about ten years ago, and it immediately sparked my adventurous spirit! I adore water bodies, water sports, and anything related to the sea, so you can understand how I felt when I visited that location.

Even though I didn't make it past the second level, it was well worth the effort! ”

“Nothing can prepare your legs for this climb, but the seven-step waterfall is still awe-inspiring to me. I never made it to the seventh story, where the water supply is said to be a little pot. I have yet to encounter a location that compares to this trekking adventure.”

With its unique seven (7) cascades, Olumirin waterfall is a refuge of purity and beauty that is also therapeutic. Each level includes a spectacular waterfall. Erin-Ijesha is also the land of Pounded Yam/ Egusi/ Eran-igbe, which provides visitors with a back-to-back trekking experience and cultural history (Bush Meat).

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