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General News of Monday, 29 June 2020

Source: MyNigeria

Nigerians slam Mrs Ajimobi for blasting Gov Seyi Makinde after husband's death

Nigerians have slammed Florence Ajimobi, the wife of the late former governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, after she blasted the current governor of the state, Seyi Makinde.

A video which went viral yesterday showed Mrs Ajimobi blasting a delegate sent by the governor to commiserate with her over the death of her husband who died of COVID-19.

Speaking during the visit, Mrs Ajimobi slammed the governor for not calling her on phone on the news of the death of her husband.

This didn't sit well with some Nigerians who took to social media to slam her after the video went viral.

A UK based Nigerian, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo wrote: "This is Ajimobi wife lambasting Oyo politicians and deputy governor for not calling her after he died. But some people worked 30years in that state and died awaiting salary/pensions under her husband. Nobody called them. The empathy they never showed others, They want it now.

"The lives of many Lautech students were ruined academically and psychology for the months that the university was shut down under her husband. Nobody called those students. Instead, he tongue-lashed the students and called their bluff. Nobody bothered to check on those students.

"Many pensioners and salary earners possibly died in the period her husband owed salary/pensions for months. Those lives don’t matter. Nobody ever called those people or their families to know how they are doing. It’s amazing how Nigerian politicians and all their cronies think.

"But let’s show empathy to people who never bothered to show anybody empathy while they were alive. All of a sudden, “you didn’t call me” “we will all die”. If you all knew this truly, Maybe you should live better lives and you should always consider that death could hit anyone".

Below are some other reactions gathered by

@alphaolive wrote: "This woman is not ashamed at all. He didn't even have the number of number 2 citizen of his state. They see themselves as above the law and everyone. This is not mourning mood at all".

@DavidEzennia wrote: "It’s quite funny that she does not have the number of the Deputy Governor of Oyo saved on her phone but was quick to blame him for not reaching out to her ...... pathetic".

@Xanne_56 wrote: "Good point!.... If she didn't see fit to have he's number saved on her phone... Why accuse him of not caring".

@dgeneral29 wrote: "Does she not have Truecaller on her phone?? Why won't you even have the deputy governor's number? Cos he is not from your husband's party....shior".

@Morascoofficial wrote: "Point of Correction... He didn't serve the state for 8 years...He ruled the state for 8 years. Most politicians don't serve, if they did, Nigeria will be a better place".

@Chukwunonyerem wrote: "You mean to say, he ruined the State for 8 years".

@Boladebeautiful wrote: "She should know she will get calls from unknown number this time around. Sitting there screaming am a wife of a politician... These people got no limits sha o....radarada".

@Busybros4life wrote: "They called you, but you refused to pick. U don't pick unknown number. Because u are a politician's wife. They should have sent you a text. How will you believe in the SMS if u don't know the number? He is a politician he is too busy to type. Go and mourn ur husband. RIP Ajimobi."

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