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Entertainment of Wednesday, 22 March 2023


Nigerian lady shares love story as she ties the knot with family friend

The photo used to illustrate the story The photo used to illustrate the story

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her beautiful love story years after getting married to her family friend, who she couldn’t stand as a child.

According to the lady, simply identified as “Ay,” their mothers were best friends, so she and her husband have known each other since they were kids.

She said that although their mothers were so close that one could mistake one for a twin, she and her husband could barely tolerate each other at the time.

To corroborate her claim, she shared a throwback photo from when they were kids, which showed her husband looking at her angry because their mothers insisted he stood close to her in the photo.

Well, it’s interesting that despite not liking each other as kids, they have been married for seven years now and their union blessed with three kids.

“That first picture… he was low key feeling me. I remember this day all too well. I had been crying because I hated my hairstyle and my mom wouldn’t let me wear one of her wigs. Hubby on the other hand was upset because his mom had asked him to stand beside me for the picture. You guys, we couldn’t stand each other when we were little.

Every time I went with my mom to his house, it was just this weird energy between us and it was mainly from HIM because I was an Angel. Fast forward to 30 years later and this man can’t keep his hands off me (PS – Our moms are best friends).” She wrote.