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General News of Sunday, 3 October 2021


Nigeria at 61: Tackle insecurity, Eze Ndigbo Ghana - HRM Ihenetu, tells FG

Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu, Community Leader in Ghana Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu, Community Leader in Ghana

As Nigeria  celebrates independence anniversary, the Eze Ndigbo Ghana  and Assistant  Publicity  Secretary  Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora, HRM Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu has called on President  Muhammadu  Buhari  to add more pep to the fight against insecurity  across the country.

In recent days, insecurity has worsened across the nation as the country turned into killing fields, gunmen killing and vandalizing vehicles and properties of innocent Nigerians. People are reportedly being killed in their home, farms, school children kidnapped and houses burnt by miscreants.

In a statement, HRM Eze Dr Ihenetu  who has won several peace awards for his mediation  in crisis between  Nigerian traders and  Ghana  Trade union  said this was not the Nigeria  our founding  fathers dreamt of, adding that in their  graves they will turn and weep at the state Nigeria  suddenly  found herself.

In his words, the Royal father said: “It is sad that Nigerians are dying everyday like fowl. This is uncalled for because it is also discouraging Nigerians in the Diaspora from coming home to invest and to bring investors here. It is pulling Nigeria backward as people looses their loved ones to death almost on daily basis.

This development is not good for a sovereign nation like Nigeria President Buhari should please use this occasion of Nigeria independence celebration to tackle insecurity headlong. He should also protect lives and property of Nigerians,” he said.

While congratulating Nigerians on this occasion, HRM Dr Ihenetu said even though insecurity is a global problem which is not only limited to Nigeria, the Federal Government should work with its neighbours especially in the areas of intelligence gatherings so that criminals from other countries will not infiltrates our country as this could worsen the problem.

HRM Dr Ihenetu also called on the FG to tackle unemployment, work on infrastructures and provide steady energy through electricity supply.

“Like the popular adage, an ‘idle hand is Devil’s workshop’. When thousands of youths roams the street without meaningful source of income, it becomes easy for them to be enticed with small amount of money. But if they are engaged through adequate job creation which can only be possible under peaceful atmosphere, investors can come here , establish industries, employ most of this youths and rate will naturally come down. So I am calling on both local, state and federal government to jointly do all they can to secure the country and rescue it from grip of nihilists who are bent on pulling it down.”

Going down memories, HRM Dr Ihenetu recalled that Nigeria was once described as the happiest people on earth because of its peacefulness after the civil war as the country witnessed oil boom. “Then Nigéria used to be destination of neighbouring countries who comer here to hustle. Sadly today, reverse is the case as many of our productive youths travel out in droves in other to get daily bread.”

He said all this sweet memories  has since been wiped out by insecurity  with its ugly consequences  of sorrow and death.

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