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General News of Monday, 4 July 2022


Mixed reactions as young man who sprays cash in public is seen performing rituals

Young man with native doctor performing rituals play videoYoung man with native doctor performing rituals

In a viral video, a Nigerian man who is of the habit of showing off his wealth, throwing money in the air whiles people rush to pick them has thrown many into shock.

The young man who was captured on camera spraying money to the public has been spotted performing rituals at a river.

He was seen alongside a native doctor in a river whiles carrying a tray of items.

Reacting to the video, some Nigerians took to social media to share their thoughts.

onyid777: The love of money is the root of all evil and has eternal consequences. Unfortunately much of this is happening and will happen. These are the kind of people who will kill his friends and family for the love of money.

bekee046: May God help this generation, all they are after is money money money

pretty_gloria16: But how about if it’s doing that for his personal cleaning or family issues matters, must everything be read to the wrong way.

precious.ijay: Nawaooo vanity upon vanity, money you won't be alive to enjoy is that one money? Biko let's take back our country link on my bio watch the videos see reasons why you should not sell your vote oooooh!!! Subscribe, like and share

mr_chisom94: What's the idea of people doing ritual for money and still record it?

queenofdsun: Maybe that's d god e serves. We also have traditionalist. Everything isn't all about rituals

Anonymous: Since when did offering sacrifice to his gods turned to rituals? People are so dumb to understand that no such thing as money medicine, it has never been proven anywhere, it’s all a myth. So are you saying all those picking money are now dead or broke? Lol, if they had good head, they won’t be there picking money from a rich man like Lazarus. Person way him papa na gate man, him mama na akara seller and they live in one bedroom with 6 other siblings for 28 yrs, sef go say them take his or her luck, you get luck and at 30 yrs of age the luck still they hide till you meet the so-called yahoo plus guy. what you people call juju money is hard work with faith, faith in whatever he serves. Even the Bible says faith without work is fruitless. The truth remains the same, whatever you serve will surely reward you. That’s why it’s called service. Even in the village people serve some form of deity and it works for them. Just make sure you serve a god master and you will surely be rewarded. If you go serve greedy wicked master, you go serve for nothing. It’s so even in the physical life. Some serve their boss with nothing to show, you work for them and they will never pay you what you deserve or they will keep owing you. If money rituals do exist, the money would be counterfeit and can’t be spent, come to think of it, where is the money coming from? Central bank or what? What will be their serial number of the monies? Or is it possible the money vanished from bank come home account or magical box, and central bank will not know? Or it’s possible that’s the reason Nigeria is so broke is Cos baba buhari they borrow money, yahoo plus boys they use juju collect am from central bank. Very funny!!!

Kay: This is the kind of belief in superstition that Nigerians fall for. Do you number of traditional worshippers who performing sacrifices is as normal as 5 time prayer period of Muslims .. Do you know how many of them are wallowing in poverty. Please don't be misled. Get quick rich jazz is all fake. Don't Christians and Muslims believe their way is the correct path and their deity is the supreme creator of existence, many followers don't miss Friday and Sunday services with add on like mid-week services, attend crusade tagged by deliverance from poverty and tragedies, yet most don't get instant miracles, some who were even told by God as claimed to next presido but failed. It's obvious the chap got his money through physical means through fraud but werey thinks it's because of his jazz man and some from poor background suddenly become rich will be advised by foolish friends to tie knots with recommend boka to safeguard the wealth from evil people jealous people and also to be of the radar of EFCC and security agencies. Now with his foolishness online and the osun ritual, he just alerted EFCC to come for him quickly. He could have made money through any of these channels, Business email compromise, identity theft, ATM fraud or even kidnapping, robbery but please don't go there saying people who picked up the cash have sold their destinies .. Do you know that very much less than 10 percent of those who go into yahoo make it and those who do make it will eventually be caught up with by the law.. Global intelligence agencies whose work is to track cyber criminals, even after they track the criminal will allow you for years atimes without striking, they monitor you enough and through you map out other members of your syndicate. While you are feeling smart, feeling fortified by jazz, living In a fools paradise then one day you least expect they bust you and your ring . In conclusion, young lads, no blood ritual leads to wealth instead those priests you see in the river area are just cashing out .. I am expecting this week, EFCC will have rounded the stupid boy up. Yes, I know, my opinion is unpopular with the calibre of folks who hang here but it's just the truth. A time ago, I entered my inner world and saw an existence like ours, and one person I met asked. where I came from, I told him earth, the other chap with him said, yes, we know there, it's the most wicked of the worlds where we have similar environments, looks .and this was not a dream. Guess it's indescribable to anyone who has not experienced it, I was fully conscious of my environments and also fully conscious of events in the inner world and capable of acting different things at the same time in both worlds. Then I recalled some verse in the New Testament which says “the earth is under the power of the Evil one.

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