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Entertainment of Friday, 31 March 2023


Many Nigerians are suffering abroad but live fake lives in Nigeria - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri Reno Omokri

Social media critic, Reno Omokri has stated that many Nigerians living in Canada, US, UK, among others find it difficult to make ends meet only for them to live fake lives on getting back to Nigeria.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote, “you think are enjoying in Canada, America, and the UK, hold down three jobs just to sustain the illusion of wealth they flash at you. If they miss three mortgage payments, their banks WILL (not may) foreclose on their homes.”

Reno added that they work themselves to the bone to make monthly payments for their houses, cars, furniture, and health insurance.

He wrote, “They can hardly relax. No time to just do nothing. A lot of them have very little family or social interaction. The rat race takes the place of family.

“God forbid that you are a single Nigerian female. You can stay ten years in London (not so much America and Canada) without any man asking you out.

“The men are more fortunate. Oyinbo, Caribbeans and African-Americans women heavily dig certain types of Nigerian men (an ethnic group that likes to party and enjoy. But I don’t want fight. So I won’t mention their name).

“Expatriate Nigerians have to pay through their noses for childcare, because it is not like Nigeria, where your relatives and friends can watch your kids.

“And one half day in a month, they take photos in cars that they will only pay off in 5 years, and designers that they pay for monthly on their credit cards, to feed you the illusion that they are in heaven and you are in hell. Then they return to their life as worker ants.”