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Editorial News of Friday, 20 August 2021


Madam Hannah Afala the woman who gave birth to Bishop Ajayi Crowther

Madam Hannah Afala Madam Hannah Afala

According to historians and certain facts acquired from experts, Madam Hannah Afala is the mother of the famous and significant Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther. Eaglesforesight may be able to come up with a few details on her.

In terms of spiritual matters, Ajayi Crowther is one of our outstanding leaders who we must not forget. He was also related to Herbert Macaulay, our great politician. An Anglican bishop who has survived multiple crises while still serving as a bishop.

Samuel Ajayi Crowther was born in 1809 in Osogun, near Iseyin, in the state of Oyo, and died on December 31, 1891.

He was Nigeria's first African Anglican bishop, as well as a Yoruba linguist. He and his family were kidnapped when he was 12 years old, and he was taken away from his mother for nearly 25 years. The woman we're discussing is none other than Afala Ajayi.

 • Madam Hannah Afala's Story

Abiodun Alaafin Alaafin Ajabo, a formidable monarch at the period, was followed by Adegorolu. Alaafin Abiodun had a daughter named Où, who grew up to become the mother of Olámnigbn, who married Omo-oga-egun, and together they had Ibisomi Telerinmasa.

Telerinmasa was reported to have a specific status that was recognized among her people as "Afala" (purity lover or pure one), indicating that she was the princess or priestess of the powerful god Obatala (the white cloth god). The province of bàtálá is said to be a haven of perfect and sparkling purity.

His grandpa was the Baale of Awaiye-petu, who relocated to the yó kingdom from Ketou, and Afala married a man from the Edu tribe named Ajayi (now part of Benin Republic).

Madam Afala Hannah Ajayi was the great granddaughter of Oyo's renowned king, King Abiodun, the Alaafin of Oyo. After their settlement of Osoogun was raided by slave raiders in 1821, Madam Afala was separated from her son.

It was a heartbreaking tragedy for a mother to be separated from her child for an extended period of time with no means of knowing when he or she would return. Madam Afala was put in a difficult predicament, but as a strong mother, she held her ground and looked forward to a better tomorrow.

She waited patiently, as a loving mother, for the day she would finally see her son again; fortunately for her, when she came for the Christian Almanac, she saw him, she couldn't take her gaze away from him, she trembled, tears streamed down her cheeks, and she addressed him by the name his grandmother used to address her. Even Ajayi Crowther had given up hope till he realized what had happened.

On February 5, 1848, she was baptized by her son Samuel Ajayi Crowther and given the name Hannah during the ceremony. Madam Hannah and her relatives then moved to Abeokuta with Bishop Ajayi Crowther, where she stayed until she died at the age of almost a century.

She was a moral mother who was always upbeat when it came to her children's well-being. A wonderful mother who gave birth to wonderful children.