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Love languages, do they ruin relationships?

Photo used to illustrate the story Photo used to illustrate the story

It’s been agreed on that we have five predominant love languages and they are, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time and gifts.

And then people are expected to stick with just one!

But of course this comes with its problem, because if you stick with one and just focus on it, it is to be expected that other aspects of your relationship will suffer.

No matter what your significant others’ love language or even yours, relationships need all five to progress and flourish.

Because of how complex relationships can be, the coming together of two people, with different ideologies?

It will take time, communication and knowing what your partner needs!

This is not to say that, their love language is not important, but rather, instead of just focusing on one, communicate with them.

For example, If your own predominant language was giving gifts and theirs was more physical affection, you might not exactly get the reaction you are hoping for when you gift them thoughtful gifts, so it’s crucial to see how just one act will not cut it.

If they say that their primary love language is acts of service, don’t just feel comfortable and stop at that, observe them, engage them in other acts of love, find out for yourself, what sticks and what does not and in doing this, your partner might even find out more of what they like about the relationship and you.

This might also help you figure out you own blind spots and how you can fix up.

Basically, finding out what makes your partner tick and also applying all love languages will assuredly see you doing your best and make for a thriving relationship.

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