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General News of Saturday, 18 November 2023


Jonathan sold our democracy, freedom to APC – Nigerians fire former Pres as old video of him warning about APC’s plans surfaces

Former President Goodluck Jonathan play videoFormer President Goodluck Jonathan

A video of former President Goodluck Jonathan warning Nigerians against voting for the All Progressives Congress as they cannot be trusted has surfaced.

Goodluck Jonathan who was the President of Nigeria at that time and seeking re-election cautioned that the APC are deceiving the people into voting for them with the promise of not probing corruption when they get into power.

He said that these same people go on campaign trails and tell Nigerians that they will fight corruption and throw people into Kirikiri prison.

Jonathan, following the death of his predecessor, late President Umaru Musa Yara Adua said they both followed due process.

According to him, the APC has plans to rule the country like a jungle by not obeying the rule of law.

"I came here with Yar Adua, and he advocated for due process and I stand by due process.

Any country that does not obey rule of law is a jungle. Do you want Nigeria to be a jungle society? Immediately I suspect you have done something wrong, I just ask police, army to catch you and throw you into jail. Is that the country that you want? They said to be strong is to jail people indiscriminately for 300 years. Is that where you want to go?

A country is like an industry it must be managed properly by people who have knowledge and wisdom.

Some people have said you have to vote for your liberation or you have to vote for your imprisonment," Jonathan said.

Recall that upon assuming office, President Bola Tinubu announced the removal of subsidy which has brought immense hardship on the people.

He also suspended the EFCC Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa and the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele who is currently in the Kirikiri prison.

Reacting to this old video, netizens slammed the former President for handling over Nigeria to the APC after knowing their plans.

Some who voted for the ruling government but are raising concerns over President Bola Tinubu's leadership following the hardship in the country also took to social media to share their thoughts.

Below are some reactions;

@Neoxtraconsult: To me, I have only one conclusion, Jonathan sold our democracy and freedom to APC. He knew all this and still allowed them to have their way..

Is he happy now on how the country have turned into?

@sunkingcsn: He handed Nigeria over to pain hunger suffering etc and he went home to still support the people he handed over to by his actions

@Ifysunshine12: He knew all along but did nothing to save NIGERIA...
They all are partakers

@KuroPk: Quick question for y’all condemning GEJ for handing over power to them, 1. If he didn’t, how many innocent people do u think would hv died? I believe he is a true democrat & diplomat in his ways. APC only won through propaganda (dirty politics) & bcos Nigerians like hearing sweet lies.

@Ladytaeofficial: It is unfortunate that Nigerians now have to learn the hard way.

@RollyBladez: Despite all his bad sides, GeJ made sense here.

@IaMaNtOniODk: President Jonathan was no saint himself, but the guys in power now are worse.

He makes sense to us then and we also warned them, but APC entertains Nigerians with propaganda, many choose to be foolish and could be easily deceived then and some can still be deceived now. You can't give what you don't have and we will always learn the hard way because a Nation deserves the leaders they have.
They also did not believe that they could win the election because they were not ready to govern but Gej refused to act on time when there was a rumor that Jega had been compromised by APC in a Dubai hotel meeting to rig the election with a card reader in the South, and to cause the IG of Police months before the election, he refused and said he wanted to follow due process, he was overwhelmed by betrayals from within, lies, and propaganda against his person than used the full force of the Nigeria Presidency to get his way and be decisive because this Quasi-Military Decree of Constitution ours gave the Nigerian president 92 preponderant ways to get this done if he which to, same way to the Nigeria Senate with their own 92 preponderant way to get this done if they wish. We need a People's Constitution and a National conference to stop this nonsense if not we will keep having an abuser of power at The head of affairs. The concentration of power at the center (Executive), creates absolute corruption, being it the President or the Governors.

Watch his video below;