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Entertainment of Tuesday, 21 March 2023


'I was flirtatious but I wasn’t trying to tempt Yemi Cregx' - BBTitan’s Blue Aiva talks about her love triangle

Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx

South African Big Brother Titan (BBTitan) housemate Blue Aiva shares her experience on the show, revealing that she didn't have a game plan going into the show but had the time of her life.

Blue also spoke about her relationships during her stay in the house and how she felt when Yemi Cregx turned her down for Khosi.

The reality TV star also shared why she loves short skirts and what it means to dress in a particular way.

Why I am called the operator

Blue Aiva explains The beautiful reality TV noted that she loves being called the operator because she handles things smoothly.

She said: "Anyone can be called the operator it is just you doing something; I am called the operator because of how I deal with things. I am always "smooth" at how I operate."

I know I was flirtatious, but I didn't try to seduce Yemi Cregx

During the interview, Blue Aiva also talked about her relationship with Yemi Cregx and how Khosi was the biggest hindrance to their love interest.

Blue also noted if she had plans of pursuing things with Yemi outside the house or would do that with BlackBoi.

Blue also noted if she had plans of pursuing things with Yemi outside the house or would do that with BlackBoi.

"I know I was flirtatious when I was inside the house, but I didn't try to seduce Yemi Cregx. When Yemi turned me down for Khosi I was fine with and it didn't make me feel bad in anyway."

However, when we asked the South African DJ if she still had feelings for Yemi, she refused to answer.

She refused to answer when we asked if she would still want to pursue a relationship with Yemi outside the house.

During the interview, the dancer also explained why she loves dressing in a particular way and what fashion means to her. Blue noted that she has a banging body, and she knows.

"I love my body, and I love showing it off. I am proud of my body. It is not meant for me if the skirt isn't short or the cloth isn't revealing. I do this because I want to show young people, especially girls, that they can be confident in their bodies"

When Blue was asked who she thought the top five finalists would be, she picked, Ebubu, Ipelenge, Kanaga Jr, Thabang and Blackboi.

The BBTitan star also talked about her Nigerian love interest BlackBoi and why she got with him after her escapades with Yemi failed.

"Blackboi was sweet and loving to me, but he was a second option. I didn't get with him because my thing with Yemi Cregx didn't work out."

She also put to bed the narrative that she was the one that came between Blackboi and Nana.

"No I didn't take Blackboi from Nana. She was cool with us being together and even at the time they were not particular a thing."

My lowest point on the show

Blue also shared that as much as she had so much fun on the show and enjoyed every bit of her time in Biggie's house, she had some low moments.

She noted that her lowest moment was when she was sick and couldn't be herself. Here, Blue revealed that she didn't have a game plan going into the house and was authentic to herself throughout her stay on the show.

The disc jockey also gave her final prediction of who she think would win the show, noting that she would be rooting for Kanaga Jr to win.