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General News of Wednesday, 3 May 2023


Heart attack awaits Buhari if he doesn't move out of Nigeria - Buba Galadima

Buba Galadima, NNPP Chieftain Buba Galadima, NNPP Chieftain

Buba Galadima, Chieftain of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP has shared his assessments on President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration few weeks to his handing over.

Speaking in an interview on Arise Television Morning Show, Galadima advised Buhari to move out of Nigeria else the messages and criticisms he will get after his tenure will be enough to give him a heart attack.

In his submission, he slammed Buhari for failing to elevate that country but rather setting the country 100 years behind.

According to him, Nigerians would have clapped for him If he had left the country same way he met it in 2015 but the country presently has been left divided across religious, ethnic lines, and bad economy policy among many others.

“President Muhammadu Buhari did not leave the country the way he met it. We could have clapped for him and even escorted him to Daura where ever he intends to leave after leaving office. The man has left Nigeria 100 years back, divided Nigeria across religious lines, ethnic lines, crashed bad economic policies that have left the dollar which he met at 157 naira per dollar and he is now leaving it at nearly 800.

Today you can’t travel to any part of Nigeria with your eyes closed. You have to spend the night praying that God delivers you. If that is the kind of Nigeria Femi Adesina would want, then I pray to God to visit him with what the common people suffer daily in Nigeria.

My only regret in this country is that Buhari has left Nigerian polity bedeviled by religious and monetization issues which was worse than rigging because you can no more win election on the bases on the quality of service, on the bases of your credibility, public service, on the bases of what you have done but only on the bases of money.

Of course, religious leaders both Muslims and Christians were a disappointment during this election because instead of preaching morality, they made themselves god and thought they can install leaders of their choice. They have utterly been disappointed and I wish this had been a lesson for the people of this country,” he said.

Galadima expressed his disappointment at the behaviour of Nigerians during the 2023 general elections. He noted that instead of the people to vote competent people that will remove them from poverty that sacrificed their future for one pack of Indomie and N100.

“To the masses themselves, they were a greater disappointment because instead of voting for those that will salvage them from their abject poverty, from their pitiable condition, they voted for those that will give them indomie, one indomie, one hundred naira, now they should wait to reap the harvest of their investments, this is where Nigeria find themselves today.

“A lot of leaders play God and it is a lesson to them. The incoming government knows that Buhari never supported them but it is God that appoint leaders, it is God that dethrones leaders. In his wilderness believed that loyalty should be the act of government and that people should worship him.

Those serial betrayals were kneeling down and worshipping him and he granted them access to power, are now those that are abusing him, those that are taking him to court, they have already started with Bola Tinubu because they want to ingratiate themselves, they cannot be out of power, any government in power, they must find a way of getting there.

I am advising Tinubu to be aware of the pitfalls of those that must be in the corridor of power, he should scrap and get rid of them,” Galadima noted.

The NNPP chieftain, called out Buhari over his refusal to acknowledge some hardworking individuals that supported him to power.

“To Buhari those of us that he jilted, I want to assure him that he will leave us hale and hearty, fat and robust and we will continue to do how we know best. I will advise him to move completely out of this country because the kind of messages or criticisms he will come through from those that he has assisted is enough to cause him a heart attack.

Those that are around Tinubu now, pretending to be good boys, pretending to be protecting his interest they are not powerful, they are nothing," he said.