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Politics of Saturday, 20 November 2021


Group urges Buhari to assent amended Electoral Act

President Muhammadu Buhari President Muhammadu Buhari

The Anti-Corruption and Research-Based Data Initiative, ARDI, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to sign into law the amended electoral act so he could engrave his name in gold as the father of new democratic Nigeria.

Executive Secretary of ARDI, Chief Dennis Aghanya said that since the National Assembly has transmitted the Electoral Act Amendment Bill to President Muhammadu Buhari for assent, he should not delay a second in signing it into law for the advancement of the nation’s democracy.

Aghanya said that the clauses for the Electronic Transmission of Results by INEC and Direct Primaries by political parties during congresses must not be compromised, no matter the lobbying by some of the Governors against it and commend the National Assembly for the bold initiative.

“One good or bad decision of a leader can either erase all his achievements or override all his mistakes while in office. In the case of Mr President, signing the bill will consolidate his achievements, especially when he has performed creditably well in infrastructural development.

“For the first time in the history of the leadership of this country, Buhari is the only President who assumed office, took up all outstanding contracts awarded by the previous administration and continued funding them. In addition, he has awarded new contracts for the provision of basic infrastructures as an ideal foundation for necessary development of the country,” Aghanya said.

He noted that the various agitation all over the country was a clear manifestation of the wrought inherited by the Buhari administration which he said cannot be solved overnight.

“Mr President may not have performed a hundred per cent well because he is human, but he has demonstrated the goodwill to move the country forward.

“We, therefore, appeal to him not to listen to distractors who may not want the electoral Bill assented to. He should give the country a parting gift with an amended Electoral Act and generations unborn will remember him as the father of a newly democratic Nigeria,” he urged.

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