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General News of Friday, 20 January 2023


Exposed: Lists of benefits Tinubu have been enjoying as ex-Governor of Lagos state

Bola Tinubu, APC presidential candidate play videoBola Tinubu, APC presidential candidate

A list of benefits former Lagos State Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been enjoying for the past 20 years has caused an uproar among Nigerians and especially Lagosians.

During the Sunrise programme on Channels Television, on Thursday, January 19, there was a discussion on severance packages for ex-governors and that of Tinubu was made public.

The number of items mentioned in the list shocked many as they could not believe how the former governor who is currently contesting for the presidency had been living off the government for the last 20 years after his tenure.

Properties and services listed includes;

1. Befitting mansions built for them by the state government in their state capital and either in Lagos or Abuja. Minimum recommended is a five-bedroom house,

2. A furniture allowance for befitting furniture of the aforementioned property and this furniture will be changed every three to four years.

3. 100 million as gratuity.

4. 100% of current basic salary of the incumbent and deputy (that is full salary for former governor for life).

5. brand new jeeps and high loxes which would be replaced every three years.

6. Three hundred percent basic salary for car maintenance.

7. Three hundred percent basic salary for utilities.

8. Five million monthly to pay for steward, cook, driver, personal aide and security.

9. Female security is also required for spouses.

10. 100 per cent of basic salary for entertainment, medical allowances within the country and overseas for an unspecified number of family members for life.
And it also applies to those who have more than one wife.”

Reacting to the list, some Nigerians who were left stunned took to social media to share their thoughts.

jnrpope: CUT DOWN THE COST OF GOVERNANCE…. PUBLIC OFFICE should not be an avenue to get wealthy instead it should be to serve the people……. I would prefer to dine with the devil than some Nigerian Politicians……..
The devil shock after watching this video

amadubuko: These men have no conscience! God is watching

iamslimbrown: This time around these people are been exposed. Don't claim ignorance when voting and supporting rubbish. The records are very clear this time around.

monalisa.stephen: This is just for 1 person o. Imagine and we have thousands . Haaa it is finished. Wickedness of the highest order!!

iam_ojay_igwe: If I Dey watch this things I feel angry. This is the kind of man some unscrupulous people want to put in as president. Just Lagos state and he has taken 60 percent of everything to himself! Imagine what he will do as a president. On the other hand we have a man who didn’t not even take pension or gratuity nor did he have any property allocated to himself as governor, save money for the state instead of taking like Tinubu yet some people want to vote him in??! Jesus Christ!

iam_aloziegeorge: Selfishness, wickedness, greed! Nigerians do not love each other! There’s no genuine love between the North & the South. From time immemorial, even before the amalgamation. How can one man be so greedy! Yet, you’re vying for the position of the president after all remunerations that you receive from our commonwealth! No be your papa money oh. Feb 25 will determine how docile we are as a people and if we’re really tired of the suffering and hunger in the land.

If things go south, I’ll definitely support the reevaluation of this entity called Nigeria. On a final note, teach your kids morals. We can’t afford to repeat the mistake of not educating & teaching our kids right from wrong. This will go a long way in the future Administration of this country when we are no longer here. Remember, charity begins at home.

dondutchie: Chineke, Yepa, Kai, What in the Corn & chips did I just hear Wow. 100% Spouse & workers, Family allowance for life Thank God u cant drop voicenotes on IG msg. If Town Hall was a human being he/she would have been fed up and flee for dear life. Meanwhile how the other half of Nigeria live, 51% of Nigerians live beyond the poverty threshold that's equivalent to 100million+ Mass Nigerians extremely poor living in abject Squalor yet out political Elitism are milking Nigeria's Economy wealth. They have deprived us of any sort of common democracy, they have drained all our Economy resources. We are in trillions of debt, still bad, roads, still no constant electricity, still mass unemployment, A mass surge of insecurity that includes Banditry, Kidnapping, Armed-robberies. Nigeria an oil nation but yet we don't have our own oil refinery. Decades of Our government leadership Failure. To the wonderful great citizens especially Youths please let's put our tribal culture differences aside because we are one Nigeria. No more suffering & smiling, Please let's seize this mammoth opportunity to get our PVC and vote for the change we want and believe in. Shalom

sabigal1: Na real hmmmm..this is highly covetousness.. Our Commonwealth in the hands of the few. God help Nigeria.. We need Peter Obi to cut the cost of governance drastically. Even a civil servant who put in 35years doesn't get close to who just governed a state for 8years. Something is wrong with Us as a people.

Watch the video below;