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General News of Thursday, 23 July 2020

Source: MyNigeria

"Even women are tired of their own gender", man shares experience with female Bolt driver

Below is the narration of what a female Bolt driver experiences with female passengers.

As shared by @zaddy_clinton:

"The Bolt driver that just dropped me off is/was a woman.

While on the trip, we spoke at length & during our conversation I enquired how she handles annoying riders.

Lol she said and I quote "Some ladies especially young girls can be unnecessarily rude, i prefer male riders".

She narrated an instance when she was on a trip with a girl passenger, she recieved a call from a client she usually picks at a particular time, she politely notified this girl that it was an urgent call she needed to pick.

The girl said & I quote "how dare you a pick call.

While on a ride, if I report your account, you will will say passengers are wicked"

A polite request meted with an unprovoked response. Very bad.

She went on to give several accounts of how some females are very horrible passengers, she wished she could end some trips & ask.

Them to come down from her car. The woman in question said shes a civil servant with 2 kids and does bolt sometimes after work to compliment her income.

According to her she has never had any altercation/misunderstanding with any male rider. Never ooo. Not even once, lol.

Even women are tired of their own speciesSleepy face

It costs nothing to treat bolt/uber drivers with respect.

It costs nothing to treat human beings with respect.

Most of the uber drivers u look down on are very well to do people.

You that is being rude probably doesnt even own a car.

I have been in an uber with a female friend of mine & the manner in which she shouted at the innocent driver to put on his ac and change the radio station, fear grip me mehnnn.

Unprovoked oooLoudly crying face

You'd think she was the owner of the car plus she wasnt even paying for that ride".

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