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Regional News of Saturday, 17 September 2022


Deceased man walks out of casket during burial

Shock trailed the Gidan Angalu community in Toto Local Government Area, Nasarawa State on Tuesday when a native doctor resurrected at the point of burial two days after he was pronounced dead.

Fifty-nine-year-old Godwin Ugeelu Amadu was confirmed dead by doctors at a private hospital at about 6 am on September 5, 2022, after which he was sent to the mortuary.

It was said that the deceased native doctor left an instruction that when he dies he should not be embalmed with formaline and should be buried within three days.

However, it came as a shock to families and sympathisers when the deceased rose from his casket.

This brought about several people from neighboring communities who trooped to see him.

Amadu said in an interview with how he abandoned his career as a native doctor to become an evangelist.

He also mentioned that before his sickness and eventual ‘death’ on September 5, he had enjoyed good health and fully attended to patients who came from far distances to his village.

However, in July, he began to feel pains in his chest and legs. He noted that his legs were swollen and he tried treating himself as a native doctor but there appeared to be no improvement, which moved his two eldest children based in Abuja and one of his daughters based in Lafia to rush him to the Federal Medical Centre in Keffi.

At the hospital in Keffi, he was admitted for two weeks after which he was discharged and pronounced fit.

A week later he developed severe chest pain. He told his children who had gone back to their stations not to take him to the hospital again and also told them repeatedly not to keep his corpse longer than two or three days before burial.

His children defied his instruction and returned him to a private hospital as his conditions started getting worse.

The eldest son, Jacob, narrated that said: “I got to the hospital at about 10 am on September 5 and the mortician at the hospital wheeled out the trolley containing my father and unveiled his face for me to see, and it was indeed my father.”

“We advised the hospital not to embalm him because he actually told us repeatedly not to embalm him when he dies and to bury him immediately rather than keep his corpse inside a room.

“So we hurriedly left for the village to mobilise young men to help dig his grave so that we could bury him the second or third day as he had wished.

“On September 7, we brought his corpse to the village in a casket to bury him and sympathisers around the community were crying while others assembled in different locations discussing the sad event of his passing.

“While his body had been displayed in an open roof where he normally attended to his patients as a native doctor, the children brought the casket and put his body inside, preparatory for his burial, but he suddenly doctor rose from the casket.

“We were in the village when we suddenly saw the casket shaking and eventually fell and my father woke up to the surprised of many people in the village. A lot of the men and women who had gathered ran away, believing that it was his ghost.

“I summoned courage as a man to walk up to him and got a seat for him to sit on. He was not talking.

“I later held his hand and led him to the bathroom. He had a bath and after a few hours, he requested for food. He ate and then relaxed. “In the evening of the next day, he started talking a little and on the third day, he tried to narrate his experience.”

Speaking to Amadu one week after his ‘resurrection’, he said: “I thank God that he has given me life again after tasting death. It is a miracle that God gave me a second chance and I think I will dedicate the days he has given me to live again to worship him and preach his gospel.

“My journey to heaven was a tranquil one. I feel very confused about what God has done to me. All I can remember for now is that I lost my memory when I was sick, but people later gathered in my village to mourn my passing.

“The cloud opened up and I saw something like a giant golden satellite suspended in space. I wouldn’t know whether this is what the bible calls heaven, but there I was greeted by a 75ft tall angel who stood in front of the gate.

“The angel had a beautiful sword and wore something like golden hair. As I looked round, I discovered that there were two other angels behind him holding pamphlets and books containing the words of God.

“The three angels had a brief discussion among themselves and later allowed me into the city of heaven.

“On entering the city, I met a childhood friend who died 22 years ago. His name was Choko Aguma. He was the one who took me round the city where everybody was committed to worshipping God."