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General News of Wednesday, 7 April 2021


Check out the English translation of Oduduwa Nation's national anthem

Yoruba's are clamoring for Oduduwa Nation Yoruba's are clamoring for Oduduwa Nation

Nigeria is currently in a state of chaos. This has been caused largely to issues resulting from insecurity, banditry, and corruption.

These issues have led to calls by certain majority and minority to secede. The fight for secession was started by the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) in 2013 when the group was formed.

Now, some elements within the Yoruba ethnic group, one of the largest have also called to secede from Nigeria due to the government's inability to stop banditry in the region.

Their calls have been amplified by the recent attacks on farmers by Fulani bandits.

Their voices have gotten louder by the day. Below is a sneak peek into a proposed national anthem by the Yoruba nation or better still Oduduwa Nation.

Check out the English translation below

There are duties to perform for our land
For our mothers land
To uphold it x2
To uphold it to the world

It is our believe that we all have same birthright
We should work x2
We should work and be prosperous

Unity and freedom
Is what we should work toward
Progress for abundant blessings
And for beautiful things

Arise ye oodua's descendants
regain your rightful position
You are the light
Glory of the black race

Check out the Yoruba version

Ìṣe wa fún ilé wa
Fún ilé ibi wa
Ká gbé ga, ká gbé ga
Ká gbé ga f'aiye ri

Ìgbàgbọ́ wa ni pé
B'a ti b'ẹrú, là b'ọmọ
K'á ṣiṣẹ́, k'á ṣiṣẹ́
K'á ṣíṣe, k'a jọla.

Iṣọ̀kan àti Ominira
Ní k'ẹ jẹ́ ká máa lepa
'Tesiwaju, f' ọ̀pọ̀ ire
At'oun to dára

Ọmọ. Oodua dide
Bọ́ s'ipo ẹtọ́ rẹ́
Ìwọ ni imọ́lẹ̀
Ògo Adúláwọ..

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