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General News of Saturday, 8 May 2021


America allegedly funded Buhari’s 2015 campaign – Private military contractor reveals

President Muhammadu Buhari play videoPresident Muhammadu Buhari

• America accused of sponsoring Buhari's campaign

• Buhari stopped the execution of Boko Haram

• Private Military Contractor reveals details of the Boko Haram execution contract

It has been revealed that the United States sponsored President Buhari’s campaign in the year 2015.

This is according to a private military contractor, Eeben Barlow who was speaking in an interview with Nija Eye International.

When asked to name the foreign country involved in the funding of Buhari’s election campaign, Barlow responded by naming the United States of America.

In the interview, he revealed that he was contracted by a subcontractor of the Nigerian government to wipe out the Boko Haram insurgents within the country.

As they began the extermination exercise and were on the verge to execute the Boko Haram insurgents, they were asked by President Buhari to halt the job, leaving Boko Haram to continue their cruelty.

The military officer noted that after the numerous killings in the country carried out by Boko Haram, he wondered why they would be spared.

“We mapped out one area in the south was a start, and when that is done, we mop out in the north. The division will follow occupy terrain. We will train the division and instituting defensive positions etc, but we were never allowed to execute the entire operation.

"So, in one month, we took back terrain larger than Belgium from Boko Haram. We were not allowed to finish because it came at a time when governments were in a process of changing president Jonathan’s government possibly saw the entire Boko Haram’s contract almost as a last cause in other to regain popularity.

"The incoming president, President Buhari was heavily supported by a foreign government, and one of the first missions was to terminate our contract. We were told it was the United States and they had actually funded President Buhari’s campaign.

"The campaign manager for president Buhari came from the US but I am not saying the United States is bad, I understand foreign interest but I would have thought that a threat such as Boko Haram on the integrity of the State of Nigeria ought to be a priority.”

Nigeria has for years suffered at the hands of the insurgents with the numerous kidnapping of children across the villages and converting them to Islam, to the abduction and killing of residents in communities.

Although the president has promised to exterminate the Boko Haram problem in the country.

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