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General News of Thursday, 19 January 2023


2023: Obidient climbs palm tree to paste Peter Obi's posters in his community

Obidient climbs tree to support Peter Obi Obidient climbs tree to support Peter Obi

A huge supporter of Peter Obi, was recently captured climbing a palm wine tree to paste posters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party ahead of the upcoming general election.

The viral photos of the Obidient unconventional way of campaigning for his preferred candidate stunned many.

Supporters upon seeing the photos, were left in awe as they applauded the unknown man for his effort in passing across the message to his community.

Here are some comments;

'Domipraiz' wrote: “Blessed is that man that was loved by everyone. Obi is the man of the moment no doubt.”

Efuaye wrote: “You can't find such organic support in any other party. For other parties, money must be involved and a lot of guys are cashing out big time!”

Eunisam wrote: “Organic love is real. Agape love is real. Everyone in the PO train. Nobody will Labour in vain. Your little contribution will never be in vain. A new Nigeria is POssible let's take back our country by all means.”

Esales wrote: “It's organic love. If Nigerians love you, they don't attend your rallies, they do things like this. That's what people don't get. I have never attended a rally before for fear of bullet, but I got my own candidate I'm rooting for.”