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General News of Wednesday, 21 April 2021


10 facts about the new Lagos anti-cultism law approved by Gov Sanwo-Olu

Cultism is a bane in Nigeria. The act which has grown to become an institution in some of the country's best universities has laid waste to a number of students.

While it grows in leaps and bounds and in different forms, the government has paid less attention to its threats.

Several states across the country are occupied with pressing national issues and ignore the threats cultism poses to the youths.

The Lagos State government, however, has taken a stance against it. This comes after lawmakers criminalized the act in its entirety.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the State House of Assembly noted that lawmakers and other stakeholders, including the police command in the state are certain that the law will help to promote order and peace for all Lagosians in the face of skirmishes of crime.

Check out key facts of the new legislation as seen on

1. 21-years jail term: According to the law, a jail term of 21 years awaits anyone found to be a member of a cult group or solicits for members of an unlawful society. The same punishment goes for persons who attend meetings of a cult group as well as those who carry out acts capable of endangering the lives of residents.

2. The legislation states that 15 years in jail will be meted on persons forming an unlawful society or cult. The same fate will befall anyone who allows a meeting of cultists to be held in any property under his control.

3. For compelling anyone to become a member of a secret cult, a criminal will spend 15 yrs in jail. If violence leading to physical harm is used for this purpose, the punishment will be a jail term of 25 years.

4. One is regarded as a cultist if he or she is found with insignia, banner, documents, or any other item belonging to such an illegal group.

5. When a suspected cultist is found with a firearm or a person who is armed is caught in the process of trying to compel someone else to join a cultist group, they will be made to face a 15- year jail term.

6. It is 21 years for you if, as a member of a secret cult or such illegal group, you set fire or use any deadly object in such a manner as to endanger the health and/or property of any person(s). Such deadly objects can also be acid or any potent chemical.

7. You are also liable to a 21-year jail term if, as a suspected cultist, you arrange or order a fellow cultist to avenge, retaliate or injure anyone within premises in the state.

8. A student can only join associations registered with the student affairs department of his or her academic institution.

9. Any student who joins an unlawful group is liable on conviction to a term of two years imprisonment.

10. Whoever aids or protect a cultist is guilty of an offense and is in danger of being sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

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